October “Thanks-Living”

I find so much editing that needs to be done when I re-read one of my post, laugh out loud! So this older post has been given another update, but the message of THANKS-LIVING hasn’t changed!

The Scarlett Road

“October is crisp days and cool nights, a time to curl up around the dancing flames and sink into a good book.” — John Sinor

What type of book draws you in: A mystery, a romance novel, maybe a western, or an exciting biography? I like a variety, but I mostly land in books of Bible doctrine and devotional in nature so that God’s Word is central. Each time I dive into the pages where truth can be found, I find new strength for the day. With such hard life experiences, I find the Psalms bringing that encouraging message to keep going.  Psalm 118 richly records God’s mighty deeds “classified as a messianic thanksgiving psalm…written with a prophetic anticipation that finds its ultimate fulfillment in Jesus Christ. Specifically, it looks ahead to the Lord’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem, his rejection by the nation, his crucifixion on the cross, and his…

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