Are you struggling to find something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season? Sometimes we just need reminders of the many blessings sent from above. They really are not hard to uncover when you think about it. Just a few hundred years ago, disease was the norm, and many diseases were not controlled by wearing a mask.

A nightmare disease that haunted ships between the time of Columbus’s transatlantic voyage and the rise of steam engines in the mid-19th century was scurvy. Many sailors lost their lives during this time. And what is worse, a simple fix in the form of fruits and vegetables was all that was needed. Providing the sailors with what their bodies lacked, Vitamin C, enabled many to recover. Can you imagine the benefits a fruit can bring to your life?

Even as a follower of Jesus Christ, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, FRUIT brings many advantages! But often, we neglect that which is beneficial to our walk with the Lord and our testimony to the world. And in turn, we miss the value of what the Word of God exhorts!

The Bible powerfully instructs man that the sinful nature wants to do evil, so we need the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives to guide us through the day. We need to stop following what our flesh wants but instead allow God through the Spirit to control us which in turn will produce fruit. When we walk in step with our Savior Who controls our sinful flesh our fruit changes us internally while some fruit will be visible to the world. And we as Christ-followers, Soldiers of the Cross, become beacons of light others can follow.

This is the fruit the Holy Spirit wants to produce in us (Galatians 5:22&23, NLT):

  • Love
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Patience
  • Kindness
  • Goodness
  • Self-control

So, this Thanksgiving season, bring out the fruit! 😉


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