An Ode of Two Friends

There are no coincidences in the Lord’s Work: I love how he brought you into my life Sharon – you became my sister-in-law, June 8, 1996. We shared a unique relationship, even though I lived many states over, you became a close friend (Proverbs 18:24). For over eight years, the throne room of grace heard … Continue reading An Ode of Two Friends

His Desire for Me

So much of our transitory life is lived in limbo, isn’t it?! Like when you are waiting nine months for a baby to be born and not to mention twenty-seven hours of labor to meet that new baby, like my youngest daughter just pulled off; and quite amazingly I might add! And almost as bad, … Continue reading His Desire for Me

To Suffer without Discouragement

My devotional book has taken me on a journey with the recent entries emphasizing suffering. Suffering is a subject we like to avoid. But as Christ-followers, living in a broken world, it is inevitable. The question is, what will we do with our suffering? How will we handle it? The Apostle Paul wrote under the … Continue reading To Suffer without Discouragement

Stress, Depression, and Loneliness

At this time of year, many suffer with tensions of Stress, Depression, and Loneliness, in addition to feeling like everything depends upon you. And yet, this time of the year, we should be rejoicing and giving thanks for the ultimate, unsurpassed gift that has ever been given to man. And of all the ample possessions … Continue reading Stress, Depression, and Loneliness

Morning has broken!

Morning has broken like the first morningBlackbird has spoken like the first birdPraise for the singing, praise for the morningPraise for them springing fresh from the worldSweet the rains new fall, sunlit from HeavenLike the first dewfall on the first grassPraise for the sweetness of the wet gardenSprung in completeness where His feet passMine is … Continue reading Morning has broken!

A Positive Connection

In the early years of marriage (I was 18 when I married) while experiencing emotional roller coasters and intense difficulties besides seasons of disconnect, my thoughts were constantly ME, ME, ME! And though I soon became a pastor’s wife, my journey to trusting God and enjoying an intimate connectedness always came up lacking. Progress still … Continue reading A Positive Connection