Faith to Believe

My youngest, a daughter, is on a Mission’s trip out of the country, AGAIN! (this was written July 6, 2015)

What a hard time I had as a young mother to trust God with my children! What am I saying, What a hard time I still have trusting God with my children AND NOW grandchildren!

So the Lord graciously gave me one opportunity after another to practice. And by the time my oldest, my only son, deployed to Afghanistan & my second born, a daughter, spent 2 months in Guatemala, I felt like a pro! But then again, there’s always that child that has to stretch you and reinforce the fact that you always need to learn more in the trusting department! So leaving for a Mission’s trip where she has to fly from North Carolina to California to meet up with her group, and then head into Mexico was a bit much for me. Did I mention her father and I knew no one associated with this trip?! Did I mention SHE knew no one on this mission’s trip?!

(This is the account of what happened during that Mission’s trip in 2010)38190_1352087448176_7539980_n We waved goodbye to our youngest, Jennifer, as she walked through security at the airport. She refused to bring a cell phone on her Missions trip, so we equipped her with a calling card. “Please call each time you land at an airport so we know you made it.” Call one came from Houston, Texas. Call two came from San Diego, CA. Oh, wait a minute, surely she understood I would like to hear that she met up with her group. I knew I wouldn’t get another call until her flights back…in a week! She had been good to call us and put my mind at ease after each flight but what about putting my mind at ease about being with the right group and going into Mexico. I can do this…”Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not on thine own understanding.” I can do this! I have entrusted her to God’s keeping. Saturday night, no call that she was with her group or that they were in Mexico yet… Sunday, I can do this…”Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not on thine own understanding!” Pep talk to myself all day long . . . “if we are faithless, He remains faithful”…I didn’t want to not trust that He had everything under control! Just to somehow know she was with her group…

All I can say is

Faithful IS He! I experienced God’s kindness, mercy, love, concern, tenderness – His fatherly solace – LOUD AND CLEAR that day! “Come and hear all who fear God, And I will tell of what He has done for my soul.” [Psalm 66:16]

That evening, I decided to check the messages on Global Expeditions Baja, Mexico trips Facebook page! I prayed, Please Lord, some sign that she is safe…

I choked back the tears and hollered for Rodney to come see…”My” Father had provided the peace I was longing for . . . Pictures! Pictures of my daughter with her group! I couldn’t hold back the tears. They flowed freely now…What39180_1351595275872_5453623_n a Wonderful Heavenly Father!

So here I sit, once again, praying for our youngest who is on a Missions Trip! But this time, I’m thankful my son-in-law and their church group are traveling with her! And now as she is older and wiser she thinks of her mother and I received a text that they had made it safe and sound.

“What an Amazing Christ…He never asks for our permission only the faith to believe that He IS at work.” Watkins Roberts