Cookies with Santa

When we began the doctoral journey for Rodney in 2012, we left our nice townhouse and moved into a more economical apartment until we were ready to buy a home. During that period of time, we experienced many problems that needed an expert handyman. On one such occasion shortly before Christmas, we welcomed the nicest young man into our home, and I started to believe Santa was real!

I know Santa is real! He’s been at our apartment since 2 pm (4 ½ hours total)! When we left our luxurious townhouse, we came to a much older place that had a lot of what I will call inconveniences…like two knobs on the showers/tubs/sinks, and the worst place, the kitchen sink! I know, I was spoiled, but it had always been so convenient to push the kitchen knob with the back of my hand because my hands were full or dirty. We had put in a request with the Realtor who oversees our apartment for some doors to be fixed before Christmas company arrived, thinking our company would feel more comfortable if the bathroom door shut providing them with some privacy. So when the repairman, aka SANTA, arrived, I mentioned our kitchen sink dripping AGAIN and how nice it would be to have a one handle faucet. The “BIG” guy (and I mean BIG, muscles everywhere!), had to run to Lowes to get supplies for the doors, while there he also called our Realtor to get the okay to change the faucet. And to my surprise, He comes back from Lowes with a ONE handle faucet! After fixing the doors, he proceeds to work on the kitchen faucet…this muscle man is literally groaning for the next two hours working on that faucet trying to get the old one out and unfortunately encountering other problems installing the new one. He had to visit our Lowes store a total of 3 times for different parts. But Santa stuck with it; he and his muscles were drenched in sweat when he finished with a smile. He allowed us to pat him on the back and give him some homemade Christmas goodies while wishing each other a very Merry Christmas. I’m so thankful our Lord gave us the opportunity to share handshakes, pats on the back, smiles, and yes, cookies with Santa! What is Christmas but Sharing the love of Jesus because He literally is “the reason for the season.” Merry Christmas.

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