The Mansion View

Living in the last little house up the long drive had some pleasing perks! Acres and acres of pecan trees producing the best little meaty treat around just waiting to be gathered in sacks and cracked (by hand) and devoured. Not to mention, being invited to come down to the BIG house and fill our plates after the cook had whipped up her mouthwatering fried chicken and mac and cheese. Still, what’s a mansion without tennis courts? So from time to time, endeavoring to get some exercise, the backhand was exercised.

However, as seasons make their entrance, winter had set in with a force. Unfortunately, a wood stove in the front room was the source of heat for the small house. Some relief was felt in the bathroom with the exhaust fan which also featured a heater. The Alabama winter of 1982 saw snow! With frigid temperatures, the only alternative was to sleep on the couch to be near the wood stove. So through the winter, two bodies piled on the couch each night to stay warm and to stoke the fire. The memory of the experience brings great appreciation for the warmth of central heat.

To be sure, it was a gracious deed allowing renters (free of charge) to occupy the last little home on the lane. Yet, never invited to sit around the table or sleep in the beds or even tour the mansion left one feeling like an outsider living on the fringes. The Mansion View was just that, a view! Residing on millionaire’s property did not provide wealth, or warmth for that matter. But there is coming a day when the Mansion will be opened from one end to the other. The table will be set, not to fill my plate and leave but to pull up a chair and enjoy! There won’t be just one room to explore but the whole mansion will be accessible. We will enter it and never have to leave. We will be wealthy and warm. OH HAPPY DAY! John 14:2; Revelation 3:20

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