Cookies with Santa

A Christmas memory!

The Scarlett Road

When we began the doctoral journey for Rodney in 2012, we left our nice townhouse and moved into a more economical apartment until we were ready to buy a home. During that period of time, we experienced many problems that needed an expert handyman. On one such occasion shortly before Christmas, we welcomed the nicest young man into our home, and I started to believe Santa was real!

I know Santa is real! He’s been at our apartment since 2 pm (4 ½ hours total)! When we left our luxurious townhouse, we came to a much older place that had a lot of what I will call inconveniences…like two knobs on the showers/tubs/sinks, and the worst place, the kitchen sink! I know, I was spoiled, but it had always been so convenient to push the kitchen knob with the back of my hand because my hands were full or dirty…

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