A Thrilling Daily Adventure (Day 16)

I believe each of us has a tremendous potential for God . . . attainable by . . . believers, no matter who we are or our life circumstances. I’m speaking of something wonderful and joyous and indescribable. It’s something God designed to bless us beyond all imagining. . . it is easily within our reach as a thrilling, daily adventure.

Those points expressed by David Jeremiah are referencing PRAYER from his little book, The Prayer Matrix.

I have developed a deep love for God’s Word and can easily sit, reading my Bible while not noticing the time. But prayer can be a different matter altogether. I must get down on my knees with concentration, so my mind does not wander. I find prayer to be hard and takes great discipline! But of course, that makes perfect sense! Our enemy, the Devil, knows prayer is our greatest weapon, and he certainly does not want us to experience “joy indescribable or a thrilling, daily adventure” as Dr. Jeremiah affirms.

The following is Dr. Jeremiah’s testimony:

“…I must confess to you that prayer can be the hardest work I do. . . Why the struggle?”

“When I began a battle against cancer . . . I learned something about prayer. . . There’s prayer, and then there’s prayer. When things are going smoothly in your life, you pray one way; when you get into a tight spot, you pray another way. Your pleas become more intense; you find yourself crying out to God.”

“I believe God wants us to pray earnestly like that all the time, on both good days and bad. However, that kind of prayer just doesn’t come naturally to us on a regular basis. That’s where the discipline comes in . . .”

I’m convinced that until we get serious about prayer, we won’t know the half of our Lord’s desire for our lives.”

The Prayer Matrix

Oh Lord, let us know that thrilling adventure, daily!

Day 16 of No Dairy, No Sugar Fast: Focusing on Prayer

. . . continuing steadfastly in prayer;      

Romans 12:12, NKJV

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