Loving God with All My Mind (Day 18)

Some years ago, I read a stirring booklet entitled, Loving God with All My Mind by Julie Ackerman Link. As a popular author for Our Daily Bread she published several books and articles which encourage setting our mind on things above and not of this earth. It brought a transforming message to my heart. The impact of the message deepened when I discovered, with much sadness, she lost her lengthy battle with cancer. She was with the Lord on April 10, 2015.  Strangely, it was just 8 days after my dad went to be with the Lord (April 2, 2015). Her husband, obliged to fulfill her last request, published a book of prayers she wrote for their church worship: 100 Prayers—Inspired by the Psalms

Who is he, this King of glory?

The LORD Almighty—he is the King of glory.

Psalm 24:10

“Lord Almighty, King of glory, I am ashamed to admit how often I call on your name to ask you to make life easier for me in the natural world rather than to make me stronger in the spiritual world. Keep me from thinking that your name, O God, is a magic word I can use to invoke divine power for my own comfort and convenience. Teach me instead that it is a holy word meant to unleash the power of truth and love against the forces of evil. How is it, Lord, that demons know your name is ‘Holy One,’ but I still call you health, wealth, and success? How is it that evil spirits obey you, but I still try to get you to obey me? Change my desire for earthly power and control into a longing for spiritual victory over selfishness and pride. I lift my face to you today so your glory may come into my life. May the glory of your presence be recognized in me just as it was in Jesus when He walked this earth many years ago.”

100 Prayers, Julie Ackerman Link

I was compelled to cultivate my own prayer for Day 18 of my “no dairy, no sugar” fast:

Oh! Heavenly Father! The LORD Almighty, help us to consider Whom we profess to worship. May it produce changed hearts to the extent that it transforms the way we live.

May it cause us to respond, daily, in reverence, humility, praise and adoration to you our King Who reigns overall. Lord, hear this prayer and continue to bless us with your bountiful grace.

In Jesus name, AMEN.

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